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  • Is Chiropractic Care Good For Your Body?
    Is Chiropractic Care Good For Your Body?​    This is a common question asked. Some people are skeptical if it really works and if it is good for you body. The answer Read more
  • Back Pain Statistics
    Back Pain Statistics     Back pain can be very debilitating. The cause of back pain can vary from a large accident to simply bending down. Because it is so easy to Read more
  • Ten Amazing Facts About the Spine
    Ten Amazing Facts About the Spine     The spine is an amazing part of the human body. It is one of the differentiating factors that define humans. Though we use our Read more
  • Tips and Facts Regarding Posture
    Tips and Facts Regarding Posture Improving and maintaining good posture can positively affect many aspects of your life. When practicing good posture you will be more energized, productive, less tired, will Read more
  • The Nervous System
    What is the nervous system? It’s not the current political climate. It’s not the regularly scheduled visit to your in-laws. In truth, if you feel uneasy about politics, or a Read more
  • Paralysis
    We all know what paralysis means. When you’re single and you see an attractive individual, your intention is to approach them. Unfortunately, your ability to operate your legs is temporarily Read more
  • Common Myths About Chiropractic Doctors
    Common Myths About Chiropractic Doctors     Chiropractic care tends to be a mystery to some people because they have never visited the chiropractor. Because of this, there are some myths about Read more
  • Monthly Wellness Tips
    Monthly Wellness Tips Staying healthy is one of the most important aspects of a maintaining a happy, full life. Yet being “healthy” can be too be very vague and broad. There Read more
  • Most Effective Stretches
    Most Effective Stretches     Stretching is an essential part of staying healthy. Stress from work and home can cause tension to build up inside you, and stretching will help relieve this. Read more
  • How to Prevent Sciatica
    How to Prevent Sciatica     Before we can discuss how to prevent sciatica, let’s first define what it is. WebMD gives this definition, “Sciatica refers to back pain caused by a Read more