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How Orthotics Help Back Pain

How Orthotics Help Back Pain

Treating back pain can be a long tedious process for a lot of people. It often takes trying many different treatments to be able to find the one that works for you specifically. When trying to treat back pain, the most common treatments deal directly with treating and adjusting the back. But like a lot of pain, the culprit of the pain is caused by something else being misaligned or off in some other part of the body.


   Some back pain can be caused by pressure being built up in the back from the feet not being positioned correctly. Orthotics that help align your feet to how they are supposed to be, so they can help relieve the pressure in your back that is causing the back pain.

When you have back pain that is stemming from your feet it can also affect your posture. If your back is in pain then you will try to shift your back to alleviate the pain and this can cause you to slouch and have bad posture. This bad posture can lead to it forming a bad habit that lasts well into your future. This can lead to health problems later in the future that are caused by the bad posture habits that you developed.

Many alternative treatments for back pain involve being prescribed medication. Although medication can relieve you of the pain from your back, it will never actually heal your back. No one wants to be on pain medications for the rest of their life, and so it is really only a temporary solution. That is why orthotics are a more permanent solution.

In a study done by the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, they had 225 adult subjects in the experiment to see if orthotics are the best treatment for back pain. Two of the groups of adults had other treatments besides orthotics and the last group wore custom orthotics for 6 weeks. All three groups noticed an improvement in their back pain but the group that used orthotics reported “significantly greater” reductions in back pain.

Overall, back pain is a very prominent problem that many people have to deal with every day. Considering orthotics over other treatments can be very beneficial to the treatment of back pain for many people.